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Our Story

In 1974 July month ,Uncle Harrys Roadhouse opened for the first time. It was a Thursday night at 6 o'clock in the evening. I Demetri Pappas together with my late Father Harry Pappas ( known as Uncle Harry ) and my brother Dr. Apostol Pappas opened Uncle Harrys Roadhouse.


Prior to that we had Harrys Famous Grill House in Randfontein so in short we were trained restauranteurs .At the time I was still at school - STD 9 and actually left school in STD 9 to assist my father at Uncle Harrys. I then returned to school the year after and completed STD 9 and Matric. I then did 2 years military service and became a full Corporal in the Finance Corp.


When I completed my military service till today I have been running side by side initially with my father Uncle Harry and mother Helen Pappas until 2002 when Uncle Harry ( as everyone knew him ) passed away and with my wife Jean Pappas.


In 1996 I had already taken over the business from my late father and still run it today in 2024-- almost 50 years.

I grew up in the restaurant / catering industry and we developed our own recipes and industry secrets . We have always trained all our staff members ourselves in the Uncle Harrys Roadhouse tradition and still do. The success of the business lies in the passion I have for the catering industry and the fact that I enjoy what I do and the people we meet daily. This passion and enthuziasm we try impart to our staff members. Our success also lies in the people we employ and their devotion and dedication to our establishment. We are a team effort and a devoted , happy and dedicated one.


Uncle Harrys is a family restaurant that will endevour to continue to serve , train and deliver our promise of quality food at the best price. Our moto is and remains " if you happy you tell your friends , -- if not you tell us ". Demetri Pappas.

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